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Botulinum Toxin - Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

Botulinum toxin treatment, known to the public usually as “botox” is one of the most popular, safest and most effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Millions of treatments are carried out each year around the world and results can be astounding. Botulinum toxin is commonly used to erases lines and wrinkles from between the eyes, on the brow and around the eyes, however in the right hands it can also be used to  treat upper lip lines, turned down corners of the mouth, neck lines and lines on the upper part of the chest.

Botulinum toxin also has effects on sweat glands and can reduce or abolish excessive sweating under the arms, on the hands and feet.

  What can be treated?

Botox & Dysport are the two most common forms of botulinum toxin used in cosmetic treatments for line and wrinkle reduction.

What does treatment involve?

The treatment will begin with the doctor making a full assessment of your past medical history and current medications to ensure that you are suitable for treatment.

The treatment is carried out using very fine needles. The toxin is carefully placed in to the muscles which cause the lines and wrinkles to be treated. The treatment itself will take about 10 minutes.

After the treatment there may be some mild redness but this quickly fades (10-15 minutes). The effects of the toxin start about 72 hours after the injections and will build up over about 2 weeks. The wrinkles will continue to improve over about 3-4 weeks from the time of treatment.

In most patients the effects last 3-4 months before they wear off, the treatment should then be repeated.

When botulinum toxin is injected under the skin it causes a relaxation of the muscles of facial expression. As the skin is no longer being creased by the action of the muscles the lines and wrinkles soften and improve.

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