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Botox, Dysport & Xeomin - “Before & After”

Brow and frown lines treated using botulinum toxin.                                           © 2010 Dr Philip Dobson

Before and after pictures showing results in some of the areas typically treated using botulinum toxin.

Note: Results may vary.

Smile lines treated using botulinum toxin.  © 2010 Dr Philip Dobson

Botulinum toxin works by reducing the contraction of the muscles causing the lines in the skin. Once the muscles relax, the simply fall out of the skin over the 3-4 weeks after the injections.

The commonest adverse effects of the treatments are some bruising or a mild headaches for 24 hours after. We feel it is important that patients are fully aware of all potential side effects and so these are fully discussed at your first consultation.

Treatment with botulinum toxin starts from just £200.

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