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Deep Implant Fillers for Facial Volumisation
What are Deep Implant Fillers?

The ageing process in the face involves the loss of volume from the upper part of the face around the cheek bones and from the mall pad of fat which lies on the front of the face under the eye.

The loss of volume in these key areas lead to a subtle yet definite change in the shape of the face leading to a gaunt appearance with development of the folds which run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth (the nasolabial folds) as well as jowles and sunken cheeks.

Deep implant fillers are on-animal  hyaluronic acid, which has been formulated in a sterile gel which can be injected deep under the skin and can therefore be used to directly replace the loss of tissue volume which produces these effect.

Placing these products deep in the facial tissues revolumises the face restoring a fresher and more youthful appearance to the face.

What does the Treatment Involve?

The doctor will discuss with you exactly what is required in order to best achieve your aims and plan your treatment with you explaining all of the stages of the procedure.

The procedure itself usually takes about 35 minutes. The doctor will mark the areas to be treated on your face with an eyebrow pencil. Once this has been done the entry points of the canula are marked and the skin is numbed using anaesthetic cream. A needle is then used to make a small hole in the skin through which the canula can be inserted. The canula is moved under the skin (which causes no pain) to the areas needing additional volume. The product is then very slowly injected restoring the youthful contours of the face.

The effect is instantaneous and the tiny hole disappears usually in less than a day requiring no stitches or even a plaster!

Are Deep Implant Fillers safe?

HAs have a well proven safety record spanning more than 15 years. As they  are not derived from animals there is no risk of cross infection. The range of products gives great flexibility in providing you with the look that you want.

HAs are NOT permanent. The product breaks down over a period of  9-12 months and so you can change your appearance as your face ages giving you control.

Why is this virtually painless and rarely causes bruising?

Traditionally these products have been inserted using wide bore needles through multiple injection sites leading to significant discomfort and risk of extensive bruising. We can now place the product precisely in the location is is needed using a blunt tipped canula which causes minimal pain or trauma to the underlying tissues.

Best of all this can be done through only one or possibly two small entry points on each side of the face. Because the product is placed so deeply there is rarely any surface bruising from the procedure.

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