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Dermal Fillers - Teosyal and Restylane

Our Dermal Filler products are all non-animal  hyaluronic acid, they are formulated in a sterile gel which can be injected under the skin.

At Beaufort Clinic we have chosen the Teosyal and Restylane product ranges as we feel they provide the best and longest lasting results.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of the skin and the amount we have naturally in the skin decreases as we age. It binds water into the skin so as we age we lose firmness and elasticity.

Injecting HA’s into skin folds and wrinkles lifts the lines and gives support, at the same time stimulating the production of natural collagen in the skin. This softens lines, improves elasticity and restores volume giving a more youthful appearance.

What does treatment involve?

The treatment will begin with the doctor making a full assessment of your past medical history and current medications to ensure that you are suitable for treatment. This enables the doctor to advise on the most suitable treatments.

We believe in making your treatment as comfortable as possible and to this end either an anaesthetic cream is applied or small anaesthetic injections under the lips are used to numb the areas to be treated.

The chosen product is then injected to raise the skin and fill lines and wrinkles. Where necessary these products can be used to add volume to the cheek bones and help to reshape the face when placed more deeply beneath the skin.

After treatment the doctor will advise cooling the area for a few hours to reduce the chance of bruising and swelling.

HAs have a well proven safety record spanning more than 15 years. As they  are not derived from animals there is no risk of cross infection. The range of products gives great flexibility in providing you with the look that you want.

HAs are NOT permanent. The product breaks down over a period of 4-9 months and so you can change your appearance as your face ages giving you control.

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