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Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweating (underarms, feet, hands)

Hyperhidrosis - is excessive sweating which can occur under the arms, on the hands or feet. Eveyone sweats, this is normal but some people sweat out of all proportion to the exernal temperature or their level of exercise or exertion.

This can affect lifestyle in a serious and debilitating way, causing embarrassment and causing damage to clothing!

Botulinum toxin reduces the activity of the sweat glands in the area treated and vastly reduces the amount of sweat produced.

Older treatments included invasive surgery which could lead to permanent nerve damage however use of botulinum toxin (eg BOTOX) just under the skin of the affected areas (face, underarms, hands or feet) has very few if any side effects and within 1-2 weeks will eliminate the symptom for anything upto 9 months.

The procedure is quick, simple, safe and very effective and have virtually no side effects other than some mild discomfort at the time of the treatment.

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Prices start from £350 (single area) or £600 (both sides eg both armpits)

You can find out more about botulinum toxin treatment by following the links below:


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